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Suppy chain complexity theme for CILT Logistics lecture

Current threats to the global supply chain constitute the theme for the prestige annual Logistics Lecture sponsored by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT).

Andrew Underwood, UK Supply Chain Partner, KPMG LLP and Julian Thomas, Global Supply Chain Partner KPMG, LLP will deliver the lecture, Supply Chain Complexity: Managing Constant Change at the KPMG Offices, 16 Canada Square, London E14 5GL on Wednesday 5th October.

Not since the end of the Second World War have global supply chains been fraught with so much risk including environmental disaster, political turmoil, market turbulence, exchange rate fluctuations and pending regulatory changes. They all combine to create volatility and uncertainty that requires identification and management. Issues of long-term sustainability and environmental impact are returning to the market as regulators and consumers join the battle against carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2011 KPMG researched the views of 50 leading supply chain managers in order to understand what issues they were dealing with, and to assess the relative maturity of their supply chains. Their report summarises the key findings and highlights which sectors are winning in the pursuit of supply chain maturity and which still require substantial work and effort.

Andrew Underwood has substantial experience in both planning and implementing major change programmes in supply chain management, and leads KPMG Europe’s Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management (TESCM) Advisory team. Julian Thomas leads the Global Supply Chain practice for KPMG, and his focus is on supporting global businesses to transform and integrate effectively.

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