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MHW chose to put the HAIX Scout through their paces

There’s a HERO in all of us! Believe me, it’s not a load of cobblers

HAIX , founded Mainburg, Bavaria in 1948, takes its name from cordwainer*, Xaver Haimerl. The company made its first step into functional footwear in 1992 by producing new boots for Mainburg’s Fire Service, prior to that time the Fire Service wore uncomfortable and cumbersome rubber boots, the new boots took off.
……….The rest is history.

MHW chose to put the “HAIX Scout” through their paces

The first thing that springs to mind on opening the box is quality, German manufacturing at its best. The second is the weight, so light, a result of the marriage between modern and natural materials, such as GORE-TEX®** with Nubuck Leather and more, to describe them lightweight would imply a severe injustice.

It’s not something I normally do but I found myself with a boot in hand and conducting a Thorough Examination. Including wearing them which I must say gives one a confidence of firm footing.

Here’s a heads up from the top to the bottom of the boot

From the Top Line to the Waist to the Welt and to the Sole

The Top Line

This is the top of an item of footwear, the place where one enters the foot, into the boot in this case, place, I can’t wait to put mine in it, as usual. However, at least this time my feet will feel good, comfortable and safe.

The Waist

HAIX Scout brown croppedThe placing of the lacing. What do I see?
No loose ends, a 2 stage smart lacing strategy, with excess lace securely stored in a tidy-pocket located above the ankle, preventing loop snagging in the likes of foot controls within vehicles and when walking in potentially trippable situations. The first stage of lacing has a fast-acting-locking-lace-clamp augmented with 3rd-up lockable lace eyelets, so if the laces fail at the tie off point on the Top Line one still has lace grips further down, belt and braces for boots. No need to tie a lace again.

The Welt and the Sole

HAIX Scout soleWell, whatever the work, weather or terrain throws at one; the HAIX sole is the prize of many years footwear understanding brought to us from the Haimerl family.

Primarily composed of Vibram, augmented with state of the art compounds, the sole has grip, I understand in 1954, the first successful ascent to the summit of K2 was made on Vibram based soles.

I can tell you there is a huge amount of foot-technology involved both in materials and the application to specific foot support regions of the HAIX sole. This is consistent throughout their entire range of footwear.

These Scouts are out there on their own, reviewing HAIX has taken me on a journey that not only have I gained an understanding of footwear in detail but an appreciation of a family led business which continues to innovate. They more than fulfil the “fit for purpose” plus they feel and look great.

They will keep me one step ahead for more than 1,000 miles.

David Ramsay
Materials Handling World


**Breathable material keeps water out but let’s feet sweat outwards (This is an osmotic affair of materials: fibres and fabric allowing transference of choice molecules to go one way or another, high – low concentration gradient ie WATER OUT NO SWEAT

HAIX https://www.haix.co.uk/

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