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Warehouse Cleaning Robots from Cresent Industrial

Warehouse Cleaning Robots – Expensive vanity or Cost Saving Reality?

As the UK economy bounces back, warehouses and logistics providers are busier than ever. Volumes are climbing, labour is short meaning housekeeping tasks like floor cleaning are squeezed at a time when hygiene and health are more important than ever.

Warehouse Cleaning Robots 1That’s why future thinking logistics leaders are increasingly turning to automation. But are robotic floor cleaners an expensive vanity for cash rich businesses looking to dazzle customers with “innovation”, or are they a truly market-ready method of warehouse cleaning with genuine cost saving benefits?

The UK’s leading logistics providers are finding the latter. So far, UK deployments of the Sweep XL robot floor cleaner has automated cleaning and brought a plethora of positive results to warehouse providers across the country. Not only is labour resource freed for higher value tasks, but consistent cleaning schedules deliver a healthier workplace and automated updates provide transparent reporting on what was cleaned and when. There are many more benefits, but you get the drift.

“That sounds expensive?” I hear you say. Contrary to popular belief, the Sweep XL robot delivers a healthy saving compared to the cost of traditional cleaning in most large warehouse applications. When comparing the costs of traditional cleaning (equipment rental, service support and labour rates) coupled with mediocre outcomes to a fully automated cleaning system, traditional cleaning quickly looks outdated, expensive and inefficient.

Crescent Industrial“My warehouse it too busy”, you may be thinking. “Fork lifts, LLOP’s, PPT’s, pedestrians and a myriad of other moving things means automation is not appropriate for my warehouse.” But don’t be too quick to dismiss the power of today’s automation. The Sweep XL has a super smart system of navigation including a vast array of lidars, sensors and ultrasonic ‘eyes’. This means the Sweep XL delivers cleaning in changing, dynamic spaces whilst avoiding obstacles and moving objects, the robot will even clean inside pallet bays when they’re empty!

So maybe automation is closer to a cost saving reality than you may have first concluded. Being truly autonomous (meaning the robot self deploys, self-empties and self-recharges) the Sweep XL is helping deliver safer and healthier workplaces leaving you free to focus on higher value tasks. Furthermore, companies are finding the Sweep XL a perfect low risk way of introducing automation to the workplace, whilst demonstrating the value of true innovation to customers who have ever growing expectations.

If you’re still not sure whether automation’s right for you explore the topic further with an open web browser and open mind. You may even like to take a look at https://bit.ly/3h4Br4a or email info@c-ind.co.uk to schedule a demonstration for your warehouse.

Author Bio:
Jonathan Stacey has spent the last 15 years helping bring customers the power to create clean. He works for Crescent Industrial and can be reached on 01789415695 or jonathan@c-ind.co.uk

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