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SICK shrinks UHF RFID Read/Writing with smallest industrial device

SICK Shrinks UHF RFID Read Writing with Smallest Industrial Device

SICK has launched the smallest industrial UHF RFID read/write device of its kind, the RFU610, creating new opportunities to integrate RFID track and trace capability in automated machines and mobile vehicles in warehousing, materials handling, and logistics environments. Almost half the size of SICK’s next-level, mid-range RFU620 reader, the RFU610 …

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SICK’s NAV-LOC localisation sets AGVs free from reflectors

SICK NAV-LOC Localisation Sets AGVs Free from Reflectors

SICK has set Automated Guided Vehicles free from the need for reflectors or other physical markers with the all-in-one NAV-LOC localisation solution, enabling them to navigate more reliably and efficiently around shop floor and warehouse environments. The SICK NAV-LOC (Localisation On Contour) is an easy-to-set up solution based on a …

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SICK Long-Range Distance Sensors deliver high performance laser measurement

SICK Long Range Distance Sensors Deliver High Performance Laser Measurement

SICK has pushed the boundaries of long-range laser sensing with the launch of the versatile DT1000 and DL1000 distance sensors to achieve highly-accurate measurement for positioning and non-contact collision avoidance of cranes and vehicle management in freight yards. With SICK’s innovative HDDM+ (High Definition Distance Measurement) technology onboard, users can …

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Visionary new camera from SICK takes 3D images in a snapshot

SICK visionary camera takes 3D images in a snapshot

SICK has launched the Visionary-T, its first robust, industrial imaging camera to capture high-resolution 3D data with a single ‘snapshot’, whether the object is stationary or moving. The SICK Visionary-T uses high-resolution Time-of–Flight (TOF) technology to achieve superior quality 3D imaging for vision applications. Unlike 3D vision systems based on …

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